Doodle Dandy

Doodle doodle doodle dandy
Cornstalks, rum and homemade brandy
Indian pudding and pumpkin pie
And that will make the Yankees fly!

And ev'ry Yankee shall have on his back
A great big pumpkin in a sack,
A little molasses and a piece of pork
And away we'll march straight to New York!

Note: Reportedly sung by American troops as they marched from
Newburgh to NYC, as the British abandoned the city. There's a
statue of Washington on horseback in Union Square Park; the
story goes that this commemorates an all-day wait for the
British flag to come down at the Battery; the delay was due to a
disgruntled Redcoat nailing the flag to the top of the flagpole
and then greasing the pole. RG

Collected by Frank Warner from Roy Walsworth, 1941
Recorded by Warner
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