Nickle And Dime

Nickle And Dime
Love Is Why Were Here (Guitar tab)

Love is Why We're Here
Nickel And Dime
3 Days in March
1996 Nickel and Dime Ministries
tabber- Ben Dalton�

I don't know all of the lead
Intro:� D-A� A-G� D-A�� G�� 2x�

A sweaty old man on a summer day
He's knockin' on doors. He's got somethin' to say
And he's feelin' like his call in life is for talkin'
Weird looks and words refused.
He's got to keep goin' got nothin' to lose
He says "I just gotta keep tellin' them people 'bout Jesus"

He knows that: chorus-Love, Love, Love is why we're here Love, Love, Love
Hey Love is why we're livin'

A young old boy is on a railroad track
He's takin' big steps and he don't look back
He says "My daddy never took much pride in compassion"
The big city leaves him all alone
He aint got no place he aint got no home
He's dealin' in stuff that he never shoulda been.

He wonders if: chorus
D���������������������� A����������������������� G
--------7--9/11--9-------7---7/9--7----after 2x---------------
repeat 1st part then --------------------� something that starts out like this
����������������������������������� --------------5--8-
����������������������������������� --------5--5-------
����������������������������������� --------------------
����������������������������������� --------------------
����������������������������������� --------------------

Well the sweaty old man and the young old boy
They met each other on a summer day
And I'm still wonderin' how somethin' like that ever happened
They started to speak, they started to cry
And that boy got right and they walked on by
And some sweet day I'm gonna ask the Lord how that happened.

Because he found that:� chorus

oooooooh Love

D�� A�� G
2��� 0�� 3
3��� 2�� 3
2��� 2�� 0
0��� 2�� 0
X��� 0�� 2
X��� X�� 3


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