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Simple Plan - Simple Plan

Simple Plan - Simple Plan

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Published by: Lava / Atlantic

Published in: 2008

Release type: Full CD

About this Album:

“Simple Plan” is the third studio album by the Canadian band Simple Plan, released on February 12, 2008.
Some good songs on this album but doesn’t compare to other albums, it’s not that good, I think their other albums are a lot better.
Marking a departure for the band from their familiar sound, this release sees them slowing down the tempo, flirting with hip-hop and RnB styles and working with an eclectic string of producers including Timbaland protege Nate “Danja” Hills (Duran Duran), Swedish pop supremo Max Martin (Kelly Clarkson) and metal guru Dave Fortman (Mudvayne). Includes the single ‘When I’m Gone’.

Most of the songs on this album are good while a few are your classic punk rock band trying to do something different.
But all around Simple Plan is keeping their old fans happy and creating new ones. :)

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