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00 Quiznos Song (Guitar tab)
1 Cool Song By Me (Guitar tab)
1 Flowin Bass Riff (Bass tab)
12 Bar Blues (Guitar tab)
12 Bar Blues (Bass tab)
12 Bar Blues Country Rock Style (Guitar tab)
12 Bar Blues (really Cool Version) (Guitar tab)
12 Bar Blues Riff Thingy (Guitar tab)
12 Bar Blues Ver 2
12 Bar Blues Ver 2 (Bass tab)
12 Bar Blues With Cool Ending (Guitar tab)
2 Tunes To Learn (Bass tab)
3-note-pre-string (Guitar tab)
5 0 Clock Bell England (Guitar tab)
50s Love Theme (Guitar tab)
6 Tricks (Guitar tab)
7 Beers With Wrong Man (Guitar tab)
7 Beers With Wrong Man (Guitar chord)
9 8 Song (Guitar tab)
A Awsome Song I Made (Guitar tab)
A Break Down (Guitar tab)
A Cool Metal Rock Thing I Made Up (Guitar tab)
A Cool Riff I Wrote All By Myself (Guitar tab)
A Couple Cool Surfdog Riffs (Guitar tab)
A Few Cool Guitar Riffs (Guitar tab)
'a Little Intro (Bass tab)
A Little Riff I Wrote (Guitar tab)
A Little Thingy I Wrote (Guitar tab)
A Little Weird Song (Guitar tab)
A Major Pentatonic (Guitar tab)
A Minor Pentatonic (Guitar tab)
A Nice Acoustic Thing (Guitar tab)
A Nice Arpeggio (Guitar tab)
A Nice Cool Riff That (Guitar tab)
A Nice Little Riff (Guitar tab)
A Nice Little Song (Guitar tab)
A Nice Song (Guitar tab)
...a Really Cool Metal Song (Guitar tab)
A Short Story Song (Guitar tab)
A Song From Cky (Guitar tab)
A Well Worn Bag (trey Anasasio) (Guitar tab)
Abc Network Riff (Guitar tab)
Abduction (Guitar tab)
Acoustic Fingerpicking Song (Guitar tab)
Acoustical Northern Lights (Guitar tab)
Acres Of Clams (Guitar tab)
Acres Of Clams (Guitar chord)
Acustic Solo (Guitar tab)
Advanced - Guitar Solo From A Movie (Guitar tab)
Advanced - Misc - Cool Solo Made In It (Guitar tab)
Advanced - This Is Extreme (Guitar tab)
After All
Albert The Alligator
All Around Me
All Around Me (Guitar tab)
All Pretty Horses
Alphabet (Bass tab)
Alton Towers (Guitar tab)
Alton Towers Theme (Guitar tab)
Amazing Grace (Guitar tab)
Amazing Grace (Guitar chord)
Amazing Grace (Bass tab)
Amazing Grace Ver 2 (Bass tab)
America The Beautiful Trio Arrangement (Guitar tab)
Amped Demo (Guitar tab)
And We Drive
Angel Theme Tune (Guitar tab)
Anon - Sea Of Clams Nice Classic Song (Guitar tab)
Anorexic Model Dreams (Guitar tab)
Another Beginner Riff (Guitar tab)
Another Cool Song (Guitar tab)
Another Man's Gun (Guitar chord)
Another Song By Me (Guitar tab)
Apendix Blues (Guitar tab)
Aquarius (Guitar chord)
Arabian Riff (Guitar tab)
Are You Gonna Go My Way
Aside Of The Road
Auld Lang Syne (Bass tab)
Aura Lee (Guitar tab)
Awake In A Dream
Away In A Manger (Guitar tab)
Awesome Riff (Bass tab)
Awesome Song I Made (Guitar tab)
Awesome Song To Learn (Guitar tab)
Awesome Thing That Is Cool (Guitar tab)
Awesome Western Solo (Guitar tab)
Baazigar (Guitar tab)
Bad Azz Song Numder (Guitar tab)
Bad Day - Daniel Powter (Guitar chord)
Badass Riff (Guitar tab)
Ballad Of Andrew (Guitar tab)
Banjo (Guitar tab)
Baphomet's Throne
Barbara Allen (Guitar tab)
Barbara Allen (Guitar chord)
Barre Chords (Guitar tab)
Basic Guitar Chords (Guitar tab)
Basic Rock Riff (Guitar tab)
Bass Jive (Bass tab)
Bass Line For Guitar (Guitar tab)
Beaners (Guitar tab)
Beeping Whistling Effect (Guitar tab)
Beginner - 1 Melody (Guitar tab)
Beginner - Abc Theme (Bass tab)
Beginner - Any Major Scale And 12 Bar Blues (Bass tab)
Beginner - Bar Blues (Bass tab)
Beginner - Disco (Bass tab)
Beginner - Duh Boom Boom (Bass tab)
Beginner - Heavy Starter Riff (Bass tab)
Beginner - Little Korn Thing (Bass tab)
Beginner - New Orleans Bass Line (Bass tab)
Beginner - Ver 1 (Guitar tab)
Best Spanish Tune (Guitar tab)
Big House Blues Ren And Stimpy Ending (Guitar tab)
Billy Of Tea (Guitar tab)
Birds In The Mountain Rain (Guitar tab)
Birds Song (Guitar tab)
Black Hole Sun Chorus (Guitar tab)
Black Trip
Blame It On The Bossa Nova
Blank Gtu Submission Form (Guitar tab)
Blank Tab Sheets (Guitar tab)
Blossa Theme (Bass tab)
Blue Collar Tv Intro (Guitar tab)
Blue Train (Guitar chord)
Blues Background Riff (Guitar tab)
Blues Beat (Guitar tab)
Blues Doodle (Guitar tab)
Blues Ending (Guitar tab)
Blues Progression Line (Bass tab)
Blues Riff (Guitar tab)
Blues Riff (Bass tab)
Blues Riff 101 (Guitar tab)
Blues Riff 101.2 (Guitar tab)
Blues Riff Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Blues Riff Ver 3 (Guitar tab)
Blues Tune (Guitar tab)
Bonanza (Guitar tab)
Boss Battle Final Fantasy Ver 7 (Guitar tab)
C Major Scale (Bass tab)
C Major Scale Ver 2 (Bass tab)
Captainfat21's Original Riff #1 Ver 2 (Bass tab)
Captainfat21's Original Riff # Ver 1 (Bass tab)
Celebration Of The Fourth
Ceremony Of Opposites
Cheezy Bass Line (Bass tab)
Cheezy Bass Line Ver 2 (Bass tab)
Chihuahua! (Bass tab)
Chinese Fight Song (Guitar tab)
Chinese Riff (Guitar tab)
Chinese Song (Guitar tab)
Chris Benoit Intro (Bass tab)
Christmas Song Thing (Guitar tab)
Clock Hour Chime (Guitar tab)
Clock Striking The Hour (Guitar tab)
Come Together In The Morning
Common Chords (Guitar chord)
Common Mortal Man
Comtemplating Suicide (Guitar tab)
Cool (Guitar tab)
Cool Acoustic Song (Guitar tab)
Cool And Easy Song I Came Up With (Guitar tab)
Cool Blues (Guitar tab)
Cool Blues Riffs (Guitar tab)
Cool Chinese Riff (Guitar tab)
Cool Chord Progressions (Guitar chord)
Cool Clasical Toon (Guitar tab)
Cool Depressing Tune (Guitar tab)
Cool Ending Riff (Guitar tab)
Cool Guitar Solo (Guitar tab)
Cool Hard Rock Rif (Guitar tab)
Cool Intro (Guitar tab)
Cool Little Riff (Guitar tab)
Cool Little Song (Guitar tab)
Cool Little Spanish Tune (Guitar tab)
Cool Mellow Song (Guitar tab)
Cool Metal Riff (Guitar tab)
Cool Mexican Fighting Song Lol (Guitar chord)
Cool Original Song (Guitar tab)
Cool Reggae (Bass tab)
Cool Riff I Wrote Sounds Like From A Soundtrack (Guitar tab)
...Cool Riffs (Guitar tab)
Cool Rock Riff (Guitar tab)
Cool Scale Pattern (Guitar tab)
Cool Solo (Guitar tab)
Cool Song (Guitar tab)
Cool Song My Friend Made (Guitar tab)
Cool Song Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Cool Sounding Bass Tab (Bass tab)
Cool Spanish Song (Guitar tab)
Cool Tune (Guitar tab)
Cottonfields (Guitar chord)
Country Riff (Guitar tab)
Cowboys And Indians
Crazy Frog (Guitar tab)
Crazy Mexican (Bass tab)
Crazy Mexican Ver 2 (Bass tab)
Cruel By David (Guitar chord)
D Generationx Theme (Guitar tab)
Dahil Sa Iyo (Guitar tab)
Dancing To The Radio (Guitar chord)
Dazy By Nick Hubbell (Guitar tab)
Dazy By Nick Hubbell (Bass tab)
Deadthumb Blues (Guitar tab)
Death March (Guitar tab)
Deep In The Heart Of Texas (Guitar tab)
Deep In The Heart Of Texas (Guitar chord)
Depressing Classic Guitar (Guitar tab)
Depressing Classical Song (Guitar tab)
Depressing Western Riff (Guitar tab)
DETROIT CITY (Guitar chord)
Diddy (Guitar tab)
Dona Dona (Guitar tab)
Dona Dona (Guitar chord)
Dont Rain On My Parade
Downward Chords (Guitar chord)
Downward (my song) (Guitar tab)
Downward Verse (Guitar tab)
Dr Who (Bass tab)
Dream A Little Dream (Guitar tab)
Dream A Little Dream (Guitar chord)
Drops On The Window (Guitar tab)
Drunken Sailor (Guitar tab)
Drunken Sailor (Guitar chord)
Dueling Guitars (Guitar tab)
Duelling Banjos (Guitar tab)
Eastenders (Guitar tab)
Easy Chord Combo (Guitar tab)
Easy On My Soul
Easy Rock Beat (Guitar tab)
Easy Stuff I Got From A Song, Bassics (Bass tab)
Eddystone Light (Guitar tab)
Eddystone Light (Guitar chord)
Eight Is Enough
El Paso (Guitar tab)
El Paso (Guitar chord)
Elephant Walk (Guitar chord)
Enchalata (Bass tab)
Every Guitar Chord (Guitar tab)
Every Guitar Chord (Guitar chord)
Every Major Scale (Guitar tab)
Farther On Up The Road (Guitar tab)
Farther On Up The Road (Guitar chord)
Fast Blues Riff (Bass tab)
Fast Little Toon (Guitar tab)
Fast Song (Guitar tab)
Fear The Lord Your God (Guitar tab)
Few Of My Favorite Things (Guitar chord)
Fingerpicking Techniques (Guitar tab)
Flamenco (Guitar tab)
Fluffy Sheep (Guitar tab)
Formula1 Theme (Bass tab)
Four Piece Riff (Guitar tab)
Fretboard (Guitar tab)
Fretboard Out Ine (Guitar tab)
Friggin In The Riggin (Guitar tab)
Froggie Went A Courtin (Guitar tab)
Froggie Went A Courtin (Guitar chord)
From Usd Skate Video (Guitar tab)
Funeral Song (Guitar tab)
Funk Blues (Bass tab)
Funky Bass Lick This Is Good (Bass tab)
Fur Elise (Guitar tab)
Geordie (Guitar tab)
Geordie (Guitar chord)
Georgia Camp Meeting (Guitar tab)
Ghost Riders In The Sky (Guitar tab)
Girl Named Nicole (Guitar tab)
Give My Love To Nell (Guitar tab)
Give My Love To Nell (Guitar chord)
Go Away Little Girl
Golden Heights I'm Your Antidote
Goodnight Sweetheart (Guitar tab)
Goodnight Sweetheart (Guitar chord)
Grandfather Clock Effect (Guitar tab)
Grease Riff (Bass tab)
Greasy Chip Butty (Guitar tab)
Great Chord And Arpeggio Riffs (Guitar tab)
Greatest Guitar Riffs (Guitar tab)
Green Green (Guitar tab)
Green Green (Guitar chord)
Greensleeves (Guitar tab)
Greensleeves (Bass tab)
Groove Soul Provider (Guitar tab)
Groovy Chinese Riff (Guitar tab)
Groovy Spanish Song (Guitar tab)
Groovy Spanish Tune (Guitar tab)
Guitar Lesson One (Guitar tab)
Guitar Riffs (Guitar tab)
Guitar Techniques (Guitar tab)
Halloween Theme (Guitar tab)
Hand Jive
Happy Birthday (Guitar tab)
Happy Birthday (easy) (Guitar tab)
Happy Birthday To You (Guitar tab)
Happy Birthday Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Happy Birthday Ver 3 (Guitar tab)
Happy Birthday Ver 4 (Guitar tab)
Happy Birthday Ver 5 (Guitar tab)
Happy Birthday Ver 6 (Guitar tab)
Happy Birthday Ver 7 (Guitar tab)
Happy Sounding Song (Bass tab)
Hard Bass (Bass tab)
Harry Potte Theme (Guitar tab)
Heart And Soul (Guitar tab)
Heart And Souls (Bass tab)
Heaven For Everyone
Hello (Guitar tab)
Hello Stranger
Heros Song
Hockey Night In Canada (Guitar tab)
HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA (exact Version) (Guitar tab)
Hokey Pokey (Guitar tab)
Hold My Heart (Guitar tab)
Homestar Runner (Guitar tab)
Host Of Quadrille
Hot Woman Whistle (Guitar tab)
How Many Roads
How To Read A Tab (Guitar tab)
How To Read Tab (Guitar tab)
How To Tell The Song Key (Guitar tab)
How To Tell What Key A Song Is In (Guitar tab)
I Don't Wanna Miss You
I Fall To Pieces (Guitar tab)
I Fall To Pieces (Guitar chord)
I Love Rockin Roll (Guitar tab)
I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight
I'm Leavin' It Up To You
In A Sentimental Mood
In Spite Of It All
In The Bedroom (Bass tab)
In The Days (Guitar tab)
In Two Days Later (Guitar chord)
Insomniac (Guitar tab)
Inspector Gadget Theme (Guitar tab)
Intermediate - Mellow Bass Solo (Bass tab)
Intro For Hockey Games (Guitar tab)
Introduction Into Ties (Bass tab)
Is You Is Or Is You Aint My Baby (Guitar tab)
Is You Is Or Is You Aint My Baby (Guitar chord)
Its A Small World (Guitar tab)
It's All About You (Guitar chord)
Ive Got A Tiger By The Tail (Guitar tab)
Ive Got A Tiger By The Tail (Guitar chord)
I've Got You Babe (Guitar tab)
James Bond (Guitar tab)
James Bond Melody (Guitar tab)
James Bond Theme 2 (Guitar tab)
James Bond Theme Intro (Guitar tab)
Jan Gan Man Indian Anthem (Guitar tab)
Japanese Gong Riff (Guitar tab)
Jazz Riff (Guitar tab)
Jazz Riff (Bass tab)
Jazzy Accoustic Song (Guitar tab)
Jazzy Blues Riff (Guitar tab)
Jesus Christ Superstar Overture Intro (Guitar tab)
Jetho Trull-cross Eyed Mary (Guitar tab)
Jim Dog (Guitar tab)
Jim Dog (Guitar chord)
Joshs Ghetto Riff (Guitar tab)
Joy To The World (Bass tab)
Jumpy Lil Number (Bass tab)
Kad Bi Znala
Kewl Riff (Guitar tab)
Kick Ass Riffage (Guitar tab)
Killer Klowns (Guitar tab)
Killer Klowns (Bass tab)
King Of The Sea
Kool Guitar Riff (Guitar tab)
Kum By Ya (Guitar tab)
Lala (Guitar tab)
Lala 2 (Guitar tab)
Lambada (Guitar tab)
Last Days (Guitar tab)
Lean On Me (Guitar tab)
Letting Go
Life In The Whale
Life No Longer Exists (Guitar tab)
Lil Blues Intro I Came Up With (Guitar tab)
Lisas Little Riff (Guitar tab)
Lite Fire (Guitar chord)
Little Riff I Came Up With (Guitar tab)
London Bridge Is Falling Down (Guitar tab)
London Bridge Is Falling Down (Bass tab)
Long Black Veil (Guitar tab)
Long Black Veil (Guitar chord)
Long Road Home (Guitar tab)
Lord I Lift Your Name On High (Guitar chord)
Lost (Guitar tab)
Lost Lyrics
Lost - Matthew Ferguson
Lost - Matthew Ferguson (Guitar tab)
Louie Louie (Guitar tab)
Louie Louie (Guitar chord)
Love Is Blue (Guitar tab)
Love Is Blue (Guitar chord)
Love Me Tender(elvis Presley) (Guitar tab)
Love On A Tightrope Like An Animal
Lucky Day
Lucky Old Sun (Guitar tab)
Lucky Old Sun (Guitar chord)
Lullaby Of Birdland
Macarena (Guitar tab)
Major Pentatonic (in Tab) (Bass tab)
Major Pentatonic Scale (Guitar tab)
Make Me An Island
Malaguena (Guitar tab)
Malaysia National Anthem
Man In The Mirror By Tuck Andress (Guitar tab)
Manchmoi Wann I Aufwach (Guitar tab)
Manchmoi Wann I Aufwach (Guitar chord)
Marching On Together (Guitar chord)
Mary Had A Little Lamb (Guitar tab)
Mary Had A Little Lamb - Metal Version (Guitar tab)
Mask Of The Red Death
Melting Nose (Guitar tab)
Meow Mix Power Chord Version (Guitar tab)
Meow Mix Song (Bass tab)
Meow Mix Theme (Guitar tab)
Metal Riff (Guitar tab)
Mexian Style (Guitar tab)
Mexican Bull Fight Music (Guitar tab)
Mexican Bull Fight Song (Guitar tab)
Mexican Hat Dance (Guitar tab)
Mexican Hat Dance (Bass tab)
Mexican Hat Dance Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Mexican Riff (Guitar tab)
Mexican Riff Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Mexican Tune (Guitar tab)
Mexicana (Guitar tab)
Michael Row The Boat Ashore (Guitar tab)
Michael Row The Boat Ashore (Guitar chord)
Michigan Fight Song (Guitar tab)
Milk Cow Blues (Guitar tab)
Milkflow-freaks And Beans (Bass tab)
Minor Pentatonic (Bass tab)
Mio Fratello Che Guardi Il Mondo
Misc Ska Rhythm (Guitar tab)
Misc Song By Owen (Bass tab)
Misc1 (Bass tab)
Mission Impossible (Guitar tab)
Mission Impossible 15 (Guitar tab)
Mississippi Blues (Guitar tab)
Modes (Guitar tab)
Modifyed My Sharona For Easyness (Bass tab)
Monster Mash (Guitar tab)
Monster Mash (Guitar chord)
More Human Than Human Remix (Guitar tab)
Mortal Kombat Main Theme Riff (Guitar tab)
Muddy Water
Munster Rag By Brad Paisley (Guitar tab)
Mustang Sally
My Boxcar'ish Riff (Guitar tab)
My Funny But Yet Cool Sounding Song (Guitar chord)
My Heart Will Go On (Guitar tab)
My Kind Of Carryin On (Guitar tab)
My Kind Of Carryin On (Guitar chord)
My Life Is Fading (Bass tab)
My Little Song (Guitar tab)
My Quick Easy Song (Guitar tab)
My Riff (Guitar tab)
My Sad Song (Guitar tab) Short Little Solo (Guitar tab)
My Song (Guitar tab)
My Sweet One
Na Na Na (Guitar tab)
Na Na Na Naaanaaa (Guitar tab)
Nana Nana Boo Boo (Guitar tab)
National Anthem By Jon Lantieri (Guitar tab)
Neat Tune (Guitar tab)
New Years Song (Guitar tab)
No No
North To Alaska (Guitar tab)
North To Alaska (Guitar chord)
Ocean's Eleven (Bass tab)
Ode To Gtu (Guitar tab)
Ode To Joy (Guitar tab)
Ode To Joy Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Ode To Joy Ver 3 (Guitar tab)
Oh Canada (Guitar tab)
Old Mc Donald Had A Farm (Guitar tab)
Old Mcdonald Had A Farm (Guitar tab)
On The Sunny Side Of The Street (Guitar tab)
On The Sunny Side Of The Street (Guitar chord)
On Top Of Old Smokey (Guitar tab)
Once I Had A Sweetheart (Guitar tab)
Once I Had A Sweetheart (Guitar chord)
One Step Closer (Guitar tab)
One Time In A Confused State Of Mind (Guitar tab)
Peanuts (snoopy) Theme Song (Guitar tab)
Peanuts Theme (Guitar tab)
Pentatonic Help (Guitar tab)
Pentatonic Scale 1 (Guitar tab)
Pentatonic Scale 2 (Guitar tab)
Pentatonic Scale 3 (Guitar tab)
Pentatonic Scale 4 (Guitar tab)
Pepper Ann Theme (Guitar tab)
Pepsi Blue Theme (Guitar tab)
Phunk Song (Guitar tab)
Piggy Smack
Pink Floyd Riff (Guitar tab)
Plucky By Adamn Bales (Guitar tab)
Popular Jazz Ending (Guitar tab)
Popular Spanish Tune (Guitar tab)
Popular Spanish Tune Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Power Chord Fun (Guitar tab)
Power Chords (Guitar tab)
Power Chords (Guitar chord)
Puff The Magic Dragon (Guitar tab)
Puff The Magic Dragon (Guitar chord)
Pulp Fiction Theme (Guitar tab)
Punk-o-matic (Guitar tab)
Put On A Happy Face
Quick Cool Riff (Guitar tab)
Rad Song (Bass tab)
Rambling Rover
Random Tight Riff (Guitar tab)
Real Cool Classical Songs (Guitar tab)
Really Awesome Song Riffs (Guitar tab)
Really Cool Song (Guitar tab)
Really Cool Sounding Arpeggio (Guitar tab)
Rebel-x (Bass tab)
Red Lights
Red River Valley (Guitar tab)
Red River Valley (Guitar chord)
Release Me (Guitar tab)
Release Me (Guitar chord)
Respect Yourself
Rhythm Is A Dancer (Guitar tab)
Riff I Made (Guitar tab)
Riffs (Guitar tab)
Rob Hegedus Song (Guitar tab)
Rock Riffs (Guitar tab)
Rockin Cool Riff (Bass tab)
Romance (Guitar tab)
Rough Justice
Rush Limbaugh Theme (Guitar tab)
Sailor Song (Guitar tab)
Sally Goodin (Guitar tab)
Sam S Song Ver 5 (Guitar chord)
San Antonio Rose (Guitar tab)
San Antonio Rose (Guitar chord)
San Diego Super Chargers (Guitar tab)
San Francisco (Guitar tab)
San Francisco (Guitar chord)
Scream And Run Away (Bass tab)
Seek Ye First
Sentimental Journey
Seven Angels
Seven Of Oceans
She S So Dangerous
Shove It
Shwizzle's Song (Guitar tab)
Silent Night (Guitar chord)
Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine (Guitar tab)
Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine (Guitar chord)
Simple Blues Rhythm (Guitar tab)
Simple Cool Song By Malcolm Smith (Guitar tab)
Simpsons Ver 4 (Guitar tab)
Singin' For Me (Guitar tab)
Ska Riff (Bass tab)
Snake Charmer (Guitar tab)
Sneaking Music (Bass tab)
Snoopy Versus The Red Baron (Guitar tab)
Snoopy Versus The Red Baron (Guitar chord)
Some Cartoon Song (Guitar tab)
Some Jeanie Type Thing (Guitar tab)
Some Military Theme (Guitar tab)
Son Of Earth
Son Of Sonic Shapes Ex (Guitar chord)
Son Of Sonic Shapes Ex Ver 1 (Guitar tab)
Song By J Alexander (Guitar tab)
Song I Made Up (Guitar tab)
Spain Untitled Ver 4 (Guitar tab)
Spanish Girls (Guitar tab)
Spanish Riff (Guitar tab)
Spanish Tune (Guitar tab)
Spicy Enchilada (Bass tab)
Spongebob Squarepants (Bass tab)
Stand Up For Love
Star Spangled Banner (Guitar tab)
Star Spangled Banner (simple) (Guitar tab)
Star Spangled Banner Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Star Spangled Banner Ver 3 (Guitar tab)
Star Spangled Banner Ver 4 (Guitar tab)
Stella Riff (Guitar tab)
Step By Step Blues (Guitar tab)
Strike The Bell (Guitar tab)
Strike The Bell (Guitar chord)
Strong Man
Summertime (Guitar tab)
Summertime (Guitar chord)
Sunday Afternoon (Guitar tab)
Super Easy Cool Riff (Guitar tab)
Super Fun Riff (Guitar tab)
Super Grunge Shred (Guitar tab)
Superman Theme (Guitar chord)
Swampy Slide Lick (Guitar tab)
Sweet Bestsy From Pike (Guitar tab)
Sweet Bestsy From Pike (Guitar chord)
Sweet Embrace
Sweet Song (Guitar tab)
Swing Low Sweet Chariot (Guitar tab)
Swing Low Sweet Chariot (Guitar chord)
Symphony Number One (Guitar tab)
Take Me Back To Tulsa (Guitar tab)
Take Me Back To Tulsa (Guitar chord)
Tale Of Luthien Tinuviel (Guitar chord)
Talk Back Tremblin Lips (Guitar tab)
Talk Back Tremblin Lips (Guitar chord)
Taps (Guitar tab)
Ten Little Indians (Guitar tab)
Tequila (Guitar tab)
Tequila (Guitar chord)
Tequila (Bass tab)
Tequila Ver 2 (Bass tab)
That Someone Special
That Someone Special (Guitar tab)
Thats What I Need
The B One (Guitar tab)
The Ball Of Kerrymiur (Guitar tab)
The Ballad Of Davey Crockett (Guitar tab)
The Ballad Of Davey Crockett (Guitar chord)
The Cat Came Back
The Curly Shuffle (Guitar tab)
The Curly Shuffle (Guitar chord)
The Drovers Dream (Guitar tab)
The Hey Song (Guitar tab)
The Morning Sun (Guitar tab)
The National Anthem (Bass tab)
The Otto Show (Guitar tab)
The Rain (Guitar tab)
The Reaction Of Menolly And Sebell
.the Sailors Hornpipe (Guitar tab)
The Wild Rover
There Is No Telling (Guitar tab)
There Must Be A Woman
'til We Meet Again
Timmy And The Underlords (Bass tab)
To Our Martyrs
Today (Guitar tab)
Today (Guitar chord)
Top Gear Theme (Bass tab)
Travellin' In Style
Trogdor (Guitar tab)
Trogdor The Burninator (Bass tab)
Trogdor Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
True Colors
Tunnel Walk (Guitar tab)
Turkey Song (Guitar tab)
Twinkle, Twinkle (Guitar tab)
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Guitar tab)
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Bass tab)
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Twist And Shout
Ugly Twenties
Until You
Untitled Wtc Song By Jeff (Guitar tab)
Us Armys Wake Up (Guitar tab)
Valtrex (Guitar tab)
Various Guitar Tunings (Guitar tab)
Very Nice Riff (Guitar tab)
Violen Fems (Bass tab)
Walking Bass (Bass tab)
Walking Bass Line For 12 Bar Blues (Bass tab)
Walking Bass Line For 12 Bar Blues Ver 2 (Bass tab)
Walking Bass Ver 2 (Bass tab)
Walking Blues Riff (Bass tab)
Waltzing Mathilda (Guitar tab)
Waltzing Mathilda (Guitar chord)
Well Sing In The Sunshine (Guitar tab)
Well Sing In The Sunshine (Guitar chord)
Western (Bass tab)
What If God Was One Of Us (Guitar tab)
Which Came First (Guitar tab)
Which Came First (Guitar chord)
Wicked Banjo Riff (Guitar tab)
Wicked Whammy (Guitar tab)
Wild Colonial Boy (Guitar tab)
Wild Colonial Boy (Guitar chord)
Wild Fire (Guitar tab)
Wild Wood Flower (Guitar tab)
Wildwood Flower (Guitar tab)
Wilhelmus (Dutch National Anthem) (Guitar tab)
Winnie The Pooh (Bass tab)
Wishing Well
Woo Hoo (Guitar tab)
Worried Blues Riff (Bass tab)
Wynken Blynken And Nod (Guitar chord)
Yankee Doodle (Guitar tab)
You Are My Sunshine (Guitar tab)
You Are My Sunshine Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
You Can't Sit Down
You Dont Know Jack (Guitar tab)
Youre A Fat Tramp (Guitar chord)
Zombie Jamboree

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