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8 Years
8 Years (Nederlandse vertaling)
alright (Nederlandse vertaling)
alright (Franse vertaling)
Any younger
Are you kidding me
Are you kidding me (Nederlandse vertaling)
Ball and chain
Ball and chain (Nederlandse vertaling)
Been here before
Been here before (Nederlandse vertaling)
Better off alone
Better off alone (Nederlandse vertaling)
Between these walls
Between these walls (Nederlandse vertaling)
bigger side
bigger side (Nederlandse vertaling)
Birds (Nederlandse vertaling)
Birds (Franse vertaling)
Birds (Duitse vertaling)
Birds (Italiaanse vertaling)
body brain
body brain (Nederlandse vertaling)
body brain (Franse vertaling)
Break Down That Wall
Break Down That Wall (Nederlandse vertaling)
Break Down The Wall
Cold blackhearted golddiggers
cry (Nederlandse vertaling)
cry (Franse vertaling)
Daze (Nederlandse vertaling)
Don (Bass tab)
don't (Nederlandse vertaling)
don't (Franse vertaling)
Dont (Guitar chord)
Don't wipe us out
Down & Dirty
Down & Dirty (Nederlandse vertaling)
Downhill (Nederlandse vertaling)
everything (Nederlandse vertaling)
fading (Nederlandse vertaling)
Faith in my moon
Faith in my moon (Nederlandse vertaling)
falling sun
falling sun (Nederlandse vertaling)
fluid conduction
fluid conduction (Nederlandse vertaling)
For bitter or worse
For bitter or worse (Nederlandse vertaling)
Girl (Nederlandse vertaling)
Good God
Good God (Nederlandse vertaling)
graduated fool
graduated fool (Nederlandse vertaling)
hail (Nederlandse vertaling)
heaven knows
heaven knows (Nederlandse vertaling)
help (Nederlandse vertaling)
Hey Michel
Hold Me
Hold Me (Nederlandse vertaling)
Hold on
Hold on (Nederlandse vertaling)
Home is in my head
Home is in my head (Nederlandse vertaling)
I alone
I alone (Nederlandse vertaling)
I alone (Franse vertaling)
I don't wanna hurt no more
I don't wanna hurt no more (Nederlandse vertaling)
i live for you
i live for you (Nederlandse vertaling)
I Live For You (Drum tab)
i spy
i spy (Nederlandse vertaling)
If I go
If I go (Nederlandse vertaling)
If you were mine
If you were mine (Nederlandse vertaling)
I'm a cliché
I'm a cliché (Nederlandse vertaling)
in the sand
in the sand (Nederlandse vertaling)
In this world
it wasn't me
it's a shame
it's a shame (Franse vertaling)
it's so hard
it's so hard (Franse vertaling)
Jerusalem (Nederlandse vertaling)
Jerusalem (Franse vertaling)
Killer Bee
Killer Bee (Nederlandse vertaling)
Last time
Lay it down
Little did I know
Looking for love
Losing my religion
Lost (Nederlandse vertaling)
Lost (Franse vertaling)
Lost (Spaanse vertaling)
Lost (Duitse vertaling)
Lovin Whiskey (Guitar tab)
Loving Whiskey
Loving Whiskey (Guitar tab)
Make it rain
margarita chum
michel (Nederlandse vertaling)
michel (Franse vertaling)
michel (Duitse vertaling)
Michel (Guitar tab)
Michel (Guitar chord)
Michel Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Michel Ver 3 (Guitar tab)
Might as well
Might as well (Franse vertaling)
Modern world
Modern world (Nederlandse vertaling)
Modern world (Franse vertaling)
mood indigo
Mood Indigo (Guitar chord)
more than you deserve
Mrs. Crazy
my best wasn't good enough
my friend
my friend (Franse vertaling)
my life
my life (Franse vertaling)
My Life (Guitar tab)
My Life (Guitar chord)
My shoes
New Day
New Day (Nederlandse vertaling)
no time to waste
Nobody S Wife (Guitar chord)
Nobodys Wife (Guitar tab)
Nobodys Wife (Guitar chord)
Nobody's Wife (Bass tab)
Nobodys Wife (Bass tab)
Nobody's Wife (Drum tab)
Nobody's Wife 1
Nobody's Wife 1 (Nederlandse vertaling)
Nobody's Wife 1 (Franse vertaling)
Nobody's Wife 1 (Spaanse vertaling)
Nobody's Wife 1 (Duitse vertaling)
Nobody's Wife Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Nobody's Wife Ver 3 (Guitar tab)
one word
one word (Nederlandse vertaling)
one word (Duitse vertaling)
Only a Mother
Only you
our own love
pictures on your skin
pictures on your skin (Franse vertaling)
Pretending as always
r u kiddin' me?
R U Kiddin Me (Guitar tab)
R U Kidding Me (Bass tab)
Run Away Together
sacrifice (Franse vertaling)
Sacrifice (Guitar tab)
Sacrifice Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Save me
stop thinking
stop thinking (Franse vertaling)
the dark
the dark (Nederlandse vertaling)
the dark (Franse vertaling)
The Dark (Guitar chord)
The good life
The Other Side
the other side of me
the other side of me (Nederlandse vertaling)
the other side of me (Franse vertaling)
Three days in a row
Three days in a row (Nederlandse vertaling)
Time Is A Jailer
Time Is A Jailer (Guitar tab)
Time Is A Jailer (Guitar chord)
time is a jailor
To get her together
together alone
Together Alone (Guitar tab)
Together Alone (Guitar chord)
tom wait's
Tom Waits (Guitar tab)
too long
u being u
urban solitude
Wait and see
Walk to the bay
Wanna Little Something
Weak as I am
What have you done
Whatever you say
who cares
With you
With you (Nederlandse vertaling)
Woman (Nederlandse vertaling)
You & I

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