Story Of The Year

Story Of The Year - Page Avenue

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Published by: Maveric

Published in: 2003

Release type: Full CD

About this Album:

12 tracks,debut album,hard/punk rock

This has some really catchy songs like "until the day i die", "anthem of our dying day" and "dive right in"(not a hit.) This is a good album that i highly recommed to punk rock fans, but to every one else its OK rock album.

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Tuesday 25th of January 2005 18:05

k well story of the year is a punk band and its got 5 people:

VOCALS:Dan Marasala
GUITAR:Ryan Phillips
BASS:Adam Russell
DRUMS:Josh Wills
GUITAR:Phillip Sneed

this album has 12 tracks:

1)and the hero will drown
2)until the day i die
3)anthem of our dying day
4)in the shadows
5)dive right in
6)swallow the knife
7)burning years
8)page avenue
10)divide and conquer
12)falling down

its really a great CD.story of the year is one of those punk kinda bands that wanna sound metal but yeah i like it.