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Story Of The Year - Swallow The Knife

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so our open wounds will bleed
until our veins run dry
now we have to take this thorn
and tear it from our side
agitated at the fault line
still agreed to disagree
you're connected to the heart
but tonight we'll set you free

so swallow the knife
carve the way for your pride

now our hands are tied
the problems lie within
so we pray for night to start over again
even now as i write this down
all pretensions disappear
now our impulses will bite
at the ankles of our fear
words are spoken
words are broken

so lets make this night
be our best mistake
so lets take the time to
wipe the blood away
now our hands are tied
and our world is caving
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Author: John Feldmann

Composer: ?

Publisher: Maverick Recording Company


Released in: 2003

Language: English

Appearing on: Page Avenue (2003) , Live in the Lou / Bassassins (2005)

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