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Story Of The Year - Page Avenue

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i still recall
every summer night
like it was yesterday
the time could
never end and my
friends were family
nothing mattered
more then the loyalty
we had
now i'm a world away
from everything we shared
i had something better waiting ahead
i try to take control of my heart
i had something better
but i'll tear it down and i'll tape it up
by my own design
i fall
bring back the days
three story parking lot
the air is never dry
as the city falls asleep
days bleed into the night
the table set the stage
for a life of memories
but i'm a world away from everything
i fall apart as time
passes by
i fall apart but the
memories never die
i still recall
every summer night
it seems like yesterday
but i'm still a world away
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Maverick Recording Company


Released in: 2003

Language: English

Appearing on: Page Avenue (2003) , Live in the Lou / Bassassins (2005)

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