Mercyful Fate

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A Dangerous Meeting (guitar tab)
Angel Of Light (guitar tab)
Angel Of Light Ver 2 (guitar tab)
Black Funeral (guitar tab)
Buried Alive (guitar tab)
Buried Alive Ver 2 (guitar tab)
Buried Alive Ver 3 (guitar tab)
Burn In Hell (bass tab)
Come To The Sabbath (guitar tab)
Curse Of The Pharaohs (guitar tab)
Egypt (guitar tab)
Evil (guitar tab)
Evil (bass tab)
Fiteen Men (guitar tab)
Gypsy (guitar tab)
Holy Water (guitar tab)
Is That You Melissa (guitar tab)
Kiss The Demon Intro (guitar tab)
Lady In Black (guitar tab)
Listen To The Bell (guitar tab)
Mad Arab (guitar tab)
Melissa (guitar tab)
My Demon (guitar tab)
Nightmare Be Thy Name (guitar tab)
Return Of The Vampire (guitar tab)
Satans Fall (guitar tab)
The Ghost Of Change (guitar tab)
The Lady In Black (guitar tab)
The Oath (guitar tab)
To One Far Away (guitar tab)