Mercyful Fate

Mercyful Fate - 9 lyrics

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In Hell 

Are we all in Hell? Are we in Heaven? 

Heaven...heavenly Hell 

We are 9 

Good and Evil,Dark and Light 

We are 9,9 we are 

I am 9...You are 9...We are 9 

God is Satan deep below,Satan is God high above 

In the end it's all the same 

Who are we to play their game 

We are 9 

9 we are all 9 we are 9 we are all 9 

In Hell 

Are we in Hell? 

Time has disappeared into an unknown evil 

In Heaven? Heaven...heavenly Hell 

I am 9...You are 9...We are 9 

I am 9...You are 9...We are
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