Mercyful Fate

Mercyful Fate - Gypsy

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Again I hear that Tune, some Sort of Croon
Oh No No No, Oh My Brain

I see them Gypsy Waggons left in the
Oh I must see that Lady, I have to know

Gypsy Woman let me inside

Solo: M.D.

They say you know the Secret, Secret of
So gaze into your Crystal and tell me All
      you see

Gypsy Woman let me know

"Oh my Son you were never Gone
You are the Devil's Child, and so am I"

Solo: M.D.   Solo: H.S.

Gypsy now I know you're not my Mother
You are a Part of my Soul, it's clear for All
      to see
Oh No No No, I Am You
Gypsy You're Inside of Me

(Music: King Diamond/Michael Denner;
      Lyrics: King Diamond
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Author: King Diamond (2), Michael Denner

Composer: King Diamond (2), Michael Denner

Publisher: The All Blacks B.V.


Released in: 2017

Language: English

Appearing on: Don't Break the Oath (1984) , The Best Of (2003)

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