Meat Loaf

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A Time For Heroes (guitar tab)
Anything For Love (guitar chord)
Bat Out Of Hell (guitar tab)
Bat Out Of Hell (guitar chord)
Bat Out Of Hell Ver 2 (guitar tab)
Dead Ringer For Love (German translation)
Heaven Can Wait (guitar tab)
Heaven Can Wait (guitar chord)
Heaven Cant Wait (guitar tab)
Id Die For You (guitar tab)
Id Do Anything For Love (guitar chord)
Id Lie For You (guitar tab)
If This Is The Last Kiss (guitar chord)
Is Nothing Sacred (guitar tab)
It Just Won't Quit (guitar tab)
Keep Driving (guitar tab)
Life Is A Lemon (guitar tab)
Paradise By The Dashboard Light (Dutch translation)
Rock N Roll Dreams (guitar tab)
Rock N Roll Dreams (guitar chord)
Rock 'n' Roll Hero (guitar tab)
Surf's Up (guitar tab)
Two Out Of Three (guitar tab)
Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad (Dutch translation)
Where Angels Sing (guitar tab)