Story Of The Year

Page Avenue

Page Avenue 12 tracks,debut album,hard/punk rock

This has some really catchy songs like "until the day i die", "anthem of our dying day" and "dive right in"(not a hit.) This is a good album that i highly recommed to punk rock fans, but to every one else its OK rock album.
1.   And The Hero Will Drown
2.   Until the day I die
3.   Anthem Of Our Dying Day
4.   In The Shadows
5.   Dive Right In
6.   Swallow The Knife
7.   Burning Years
8.   Page Avenue
9.   Sidewalks
10.   Divide And Conquer
11.   Razorblades
12.   Falling Down
Type: Full CD
Publisher: Maveric
Published in: 2003

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CommonCrawl [Bot]
Tue 25 Jan, 2005 7:05 pm
k well story of the year is a punk band and its got 5 people:

VOCALS:Dan Marasala
GUITAR:Ryan Phillips
BASS:Adam Russell
DRUMS:Josh Wills
GUITAR:Phillip Sneed

this album has 12 tracks:

1)and the hero will drown
2)until the day i die
3)anthem of our dying day
4)in the shadows
5)dive right in
6)swallow the knife
7)burning years
8)page avenue
10)divide and conquer
12)falling down

its really a great CD.story of the year is one of those punk kinda bands that wanna sound metal but yeah i like it.
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