Strange Froot

Strange Froot
End-the Exinction Of The Earles (Guitar tab)

the children can sleep at night knowing that
Richar worm-cock Earle is behind bars forsexual melester of the gay hepplewait dick
and life long sexual rompings to the almighty ***up Christopher Earle who, in my
opinion, deserved every anus thrust he got.
But thankfully Chris Twatmiester Earle was shot and fed to North African Tribesmaen
for being such a complete urine disposal to society. After the party,
we interveiwed a shemale slut on the corner of the street and found that it was Mrs. Earle, heres what she said:
'I can't believe my luck! That pathetic mistake of a creature is gone.
I WAS looking forward to it when i was a pregnant whore and doing nude pictures,
but when I crapped him out and discovered he had a vagina and a nutless scrotum, I tried to flush him but it didnt work'
After this interveiw Mrs. Earle grabbed her huge 18incher and tied it tightly round her neck,
after a long 5mins we all gathered round and watched her die. R.I.Hell you cow.
The last of the gables living,alien crap Earles, James puff-suck Earle, turned to the only friend
he had left, oh yes, the YMCA. We called him to see how he was getting on.
We couldnt hear much over the manly moans of a homosexual orgasism, but we could hear:
'Yeah baby, the guys love my pointless oxfam 70s trousers, its groovy! Im so happy Chris is dead. Yay!'
then he had an intimate moment with a bloke called Antonio, then he said:
'Good fun, good laughs and Great Anal!'
We wish that 70s wannabe puff all the best cock he can get.
As for the crap munching moose troop, we think they all wrapped barbed wire round
a fishing rod and did it just like Chris and his serial rapist/pervert father did
just to remember him, then, they are believed to be in hiding somewhere in buena vista, God bless those boring unpopular dickheads.
Its a shame that the creature of rape, Chris Earle, didnt even reach puberty before he died at the age of 13.
I guess thats why they call him HAMA KING of THE HAMAPHRADITES!!
Forenzics believe that, if he wasn't shot, he would've died of food poisoning as his father forced
him to drink a gallon of his cum.
Good job we put him out of his ***ty, life less misery.
You can call the rememba the dick line now on:
07810 242 390
call now!
at the end of the day,
*** Chris Earle------He lost.


A wins


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