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2014 (Dutch translation)
Ancient Of Days
Autumn Tunes
Back You Up
Before You Leave
Before You Leave (Afrikaans translation)
Behind Enemy Lines
Better Be Kind
Biggest Fan
Biggest Fan (Dutch translation)
Blow Your Tears
Blow Your Tears (Dutch translation)
Blue Days
Blue Days (Dutch translation)
Brick By Brick
Brick By Brick (Dutch translation)
Brother (Dutch translation)
By Your Side
Choose This Day
Clean Again
Clean Again (Dutch translation)
Close Your Eyes
Close Your Eyes (Dutch translation)
Couple Of Guys
Couple Of Guys (Dutch translation)
Daily News
Don't Give Up The Fight
Don't Give Up The Fight (Dutch translation)
Don't Hold Me Down
eric's bar
Eternal Destiny
feel like flying
feel like flying (Dutch translation)
Fun we had
Good and ugly
Good and ugly (Dutch translation)
Got To Get Out
Got To Get Out (Dutch translation)
Guilty (Dutch translation)
Hanging With The Clowns
Hanging With The Clowns (Dutch translation)
Happy Family
Happy Family (Dutch translation)
Happy thoughts
hardcore tapes
Hero's In Town
Hero's In Town (Dutch translation)
hilarious (Dutch translation)
Holy Is The Lord
ice cream time
If You Know What I Mean
If You Know What I Mean (Dutch translation)
impossible (Dutch translation)
In the beginning
Laugh About It
Laugh About It (Dutch translation)
Left behind
Little down on the upside
Liverpool rain
Lose Another Day
Lose Another Day (Dutch translation)
Lost soldier
Love You More
Love You More (Dutch translation)
Lucky all my life
Lucky all my life (Dutch translation)
luka's song
Mrs. Angel
Mrs. Angel (Dutch translation)
My town
My town (Dutch translation)
No Mercy
No Mercy (Dutch translation)
No story to tell
Nothing between us
Nothing between us (Dutch translation)
Oceaan (English translation)
paper home
paper home (Dutch translation)
particular (Dutch translation)
rapid eye movement
Rudest behaviour
Shoes of Lightning
shooting star
side effects
side effects (Dutch translation)
Start a war
Start a war (Dutch translation)
Take us away
Telephone song
Telephone song (Dutch translation)
tic toc
Took a hit
Took a hit (Dutch translation)
Walk Away
Walk Away (Dutch translation)
water by the bed
world on a plate
world without worries
Young and wise

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