System of a Down

System of a Down - Toxicity

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Uitgegeven door: Sony

Uitgegeven in: 2001

Album type: Full CD

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Saint Tonto

Tuesday 7th of February 2006 20:05

Wats up
Hail the Saint Tonto and his great drums. I love the system and their killer album Toxicity. It's a powerful album that kicks your ass all around. They have some truly sweet songs, my personal favorite being Forest # 8 on the cd, but they all rock. They have a strong voice behind their songs and some great lyrics to match up. I could listen to the more well known tracks like chop suey or aerials over, n over, n over again. The best beat would have to be Deer Dance,#3. The Song I'm not too fond of is Science,# 10. It's not bad but they have made better. The sound should always be high enough when youir playing so that neighbours 3 doors down are telling you to shut the fuck up. Gotta love the guitar solo by Daron Malakian on # 13, Psycho it just gives off the vibe off truly great skill. I'm not one to debate the albums political standings, cause i just choose not to go there but it still has a message. Anyways if your looking to get a new cd my advice for you is System of a Down's Toxicity.

Saint Tonto