System of a Down

System of a Down - Toxicity

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Published by: Sony

Published in: 2001

Release type: Full CD

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I absolutely LOVE System of a Down, and i think that this album rocks \m/ =p1) Prison Song : this song is very good, Daron Malakians "i buy my crack my smack my bitch right here in hollywood" lines make the track what it is. It's got good lyrics, good music and is just generally a great song!2)Needles : Possibly the best on the album, Needles is a GREAT song. Its got a good tune, and the chorus is great to sing along to. This song is not at all depressing, and makes u wanna get up and mosh to it! Also, it's nice and heavy in most bits of the song - just the way I like it =p3) Deer Dance: "Pushing little children,With their fully automatics,They like to push the weak around" Serj Tankian sings this very well, he has a great range in his singing. In the chorus he uses his powerful masculine voice, another song you just wanna sing along with. The lyrics are not hard to grasp, and are not at all offensive - so no harm in singing in public =p4) Jet Pilot : I dont particularly like this song, I don't mind it - but it's certainly NOT their best. It's very repetetive, but that could be seen as a good thing. This song isn't anywhere near as good as other songs on this album.5) X - the one letter named song. Only 1 mins 58 secs long, it rocks! Another repetitive easy to sing along with song (lol - i love to sing along =p). It has a fast tempo and some very basic sounding guitar/ bassing, some nice drum fills too.6) Chop Suey - One of the more famous System songs, and more loved. Personally, i think although a great song, it isn't their best as a lot of people might say. I think it's a bit overrated. I do, however, love this song. Great drumming and great singing from Daron and Serj. The guitar and bass sound great too... but then again - when didnt it?7)Bounce - " Jump, Bounce, Down, Up", this song is great, a really lively (if a System song can be described as that....) song. Another one u wanna jump up and down and mosh to.8) Forest - I love this song, it's great! At 4 mins, it's the second longest song on the album. The lyrics are well writen for this song. I'm not entirely sure what the lyrics mean though... i'm sure it has nothing to do with a forest...9)ATWA- " Hey you, are me, not so pretty,All the world I've seen before me passing by,Silent my voice, I've got no choiceAll the world I've seen before me passing by,"This song is great, it starts off quite dreamy and slow, then gets to the chorus and gets nice and heavy! A great song for those who aren't that into heavy stuff - but you heavy music lovers out there will like it too ( I do anyway...)10) Science - I love this song because of the lyrics to the chorus : " Science has failed our worldScience has failed our Mother Earth." I think it points out that our world is not perfect, and we have failed it (global warming, war etc) And i think it makes a good point...11) Shimmy - a great song, another of their short, less-than-2-minute songs. A catchy tune and generally great song. Its messages are well written into the lyrics, subjugation and indoctrination. One of the reasons i love this song is because it's telling us the truth, what the government is hiding from us. They force us to learn certain things, in a certain way. This forces us to be nationalists, it is not an extreme subliminality... i just hope ot wont become that...12) Toxicity - this song is quite good, the videos good too - i recommend you watch it. It's quite funny when Serj is skipping around. =p13) Psycho - This song is o.k.... its a bit boring really. It drones on slightly, but i like the lyrics for most of it: " Psycho, groupie, cocaine, crazy,Psycho, groupie, cocaine, crazy,Psycho groupie cocaine crazy,Psycho groupie coke,Makes you high, makes you hide,Makes you really want to go- stop."14) Aerials - This song is alright, not as heavy as other system songs. The song is actually ok, but what comes after the song is so weird! It's funky, but i didn't know what was going on! Overall, this album is BRILLIANT!!!!!! It's up to the System standard we all know and love. I'd give it a 9/10, it ROCKS \m/\m/\m/ If you want a cd this month, and you don't have this, it really is a must buy!!!!

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Saint Tonto

Tuesday 7th of February 2006 20:05

Wats up
Hail the Saint Tonto and his great drums. I love the system and their killer album Toxicity. It's a powerful album that kicks your ass all around. They have some truly sweet songs, my personal favorite being Forest # 8 on the cd, but they all rock. They have a strong voice behind their songs and some great lyrics to match up. I could listen to the more well known tracks like chop suey or aerials over, n over, n over again. The best beat would have to be Deer Dance,#3. The Song I'm not too fond of is Science,# 10. It's not bad but they have made better. The sound should always be high enough when youir playing so that neighbours 3 doors down are telling you to shut the fuck up. Gotta love the guitar solo by Daron Malakian on # 13, Psycho it just gives off the vibe off truly great skill. I'm not one to debate the albums political standings, cause i just choose not to go there but it still has a message. Anyways if your looking to get a new cd my advice for you is System of a Down's Toxicity.

Saint Tonto