Band history:

Gzimi,the bandleader,was always a soloartist.In january 2000 he accidental became acquainted with "Amu" from Namibia.So ,next day,both went to Gzimis studio and recorded the song "Angelina".This was the birthday of a musician frindship.In summer 2000, Jimmy changed the management and engaged"Uncle Marijan". He is now the manager and guitarplayer of the band.In september 2000 the band was looking for a female voice and they founded it with "Jasmin".DGCO is a multiculture Band and theyll show you with their music,that they are solidary to all people in the world(incl.ETs).

Artist description All our Songs and Soundfiles are self-productions.Songwriting and Mix belongs also to our musician works like singing and instrumental music.From Worldmusic over Pop till Frestyle we don`t only use for this styles the usually Samples and Soundfiles,also we take mixelements of Latin and Fusion.Our songs we set to music alternatively in german,namibian, spanish.english and serbo-croations language

Source: https://archive.org/details/iuma-dgco

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