Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode - A Photograph Of You

Je score:
What good is a photograph of you
Everytime I look at it
It makes me feel blue

What use is a souvenir
Of something we once had
When all it ever does is
Make me feel bad

I wish I could tear it up
But then again I haven't the guts
I wish I could throw it on the fire
I wish I could
But to say I would
I'd be a liar

What good is a colour print
Of a little baby doll
When just one little glance
Is enough to make me feel dull

I hoped I would misplace it
But then I take such good care of it
I wish it would disappear
I say I wish
But then I relish
It being here
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Auteur: Martin L. Gore

Componist: ?

Publisher: Sonet Publishing


Uitgegeven in: 1982

Taal: Engels

Vertalingen: Duits , Spaans , Frans

Komt voor op: A Broken Frame (1982)

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