Beyond The Labyrinth

A group of accomplished rock musicians with various backgrounds ranging from
mainstream, A.O.R and progressive rock, Beyond The Labyrinth (BTL) must be
the only band in the world that tries to combine the song writing of Abba, the
crunch of AC/DC and the orchestration from movie sound tracks into one...

Up to now, BTL have released 3 albums, 14 singles and 10 video clips, and are
preparing a 4th album due beginning of 2014.

They have played opening shows and festivals with both famous bands in the style
like Uriah Heep, Doro, Jon Oliva’s Pain, Threshold, Riverside, Pagan’s Mind (and
more) as well as local mainstream bands like De Kreuners &The Magical Flying
Thunderbirds. In 2012, they represented Belgium at the Global Battle Of The Bands
World Final in London.

Mission Statement :
To help make this world a better place by creating and spreading music that helps
people find strength, that gives people hope, that soothes and comforts people,
that makes people dream away, that elevates people, that inspires.

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