Blink 182

Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat
1.   Carousel
2.   M+m's
3.   Fentoozler
4.   Touchdown Boy
5.   Strings
6.   Peggy Sue
7.   Sometimes
8.   Does My Breath Smell?
9.   Cacophony
10.   Tv
11.   Toast And Bananas
12.   Wasting Time
13.   Romeo And Rebecca
14.   Ben Wah Balls
15.   Just About Done
16.   Depends
Type: Full CD
Uitgever: Cargo / Uni
Uitgegeven in: 1994

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CommonCrawl [Bot]
vr 24 maart, 2006 6:10 am
Pretty good for one of their earlier albums. The guitar playing is AWESOME. The lyrics themselves are great (how long can I string you along, how little of myself can I give, and still make you believe I care)+(Sometimes it seems like all I hope for just gets thrown down on the floor, and then it seems like you don't love me anymore), and the singing...well if I had listened to it before I heard Enema, I would say it's great, but after's not so great unfortunately. Nevertheless, it doesn't detract from the overall quality of the album.

Can't stop listening to Sometimes!

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