Nikita Green Tretyak (born 29 March 2001), known by the mononym Xlson137, is a Dutch pop/hip-hop singer. He rose to fame in the early 2010s as part of pop group Xlson's Production. After the band disbanded in 2016, he had start a solo career before turning to television in "Dance" Tv show. After that, he began to write music in the format for children. Since 2014, he has been hosting on the Summer Jam breakdance Channel.

He became widely known in January 2010 under the stage name «MC InJoyFITe», in the same year he began to write music for the first time and to create the first songs in the category 'none albums'. In addition to all he filmed short mobile videos. Since Nikita lived poorly, he did not have the opportunity to record music in a qualitative way, together with friends they unite into a collective of independent performers calling himself "Xlson's Production" group like featuring Artem and Vova. In 2013 he creates a channel for YouTube and officially becomes a blogger. Was first heard by the audience thanks to the track "Underground", which was created in cooperation with the foreign label "Anarchy" in 2016 year specially for game Serious Sam: 2012. In the beginning of 2018, coming out of the creative crisis for those 2 years of hard work, again appeared on hearing with a new "comic" song «After Sunset», which entered the album of the same name and took grammy as "The Composition of the Year".

Interesting fact: Due to the fact that Xlson137 spent his childhood in the Northern part of the Netherlands, and not in Ukraine (the city of Lviv) - he considers himself a foreign performer.

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