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Against The Wall (guitar tab)
Alien Boy (guitar tab)
Anytime You Find (guitar tab)
Can This Be (guitar tab)
D-7 (bass tab)
D7 (guitar tab)
Dont Know What I Am (guitar tab)
Doom Town (guitar tab)
Image Of Man (guitar tab)
Is This Real? (guitar tab)
Land Of The Lost (guitar tab)
Lets Go Away (guitar tab)
Messenger (guitar tab)
Misleading (guitar tab)
Moon Rider (guitar tab)
Mystery (guitar tab)
No Fair (guitar tab)
Over The Edge (guitar tab)
Potential Suicide (guitar tab)
Pushing The Extreme (guitar tab)
Ready Or Not (guitar tab)
Return Of The Rat (guitar tab)
Return Of The Rat (guitar chord)
Romeo (guitar tab)
Scared Stiff (guitar tab)
Sign Of The Times (guitar chord)
So Young (guitar tab)
Someplace Else (guitar tab)
Taking Too Long (guitar tab)
Telepatchic Love (guitar tab)
This Time (guitar tab)
Up Front (guitar tab)
Voices In The Rain (guitar tab)
Wait A Minute (guitar tab)
What Is (guitar chord)
When It's Over (guitar tab)
Youth Of America (guitar tab)