Wilco - What's Your 20?

Wilco - What's Your 20?

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Published by: Nonesuch

Published in: 2014

Release type: Full CD

  • I Must Be High <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:00)</span> (Submit)
  • Box Full of Letters <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:06)</span> (Submit)
  • Passenger Side <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:34)</span> (Submit)
  • Casino Queen <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(2:45)</span> (Submit)
  • Misunderstood <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(6:28)</span> (Submit)
  • Red-Eyed and Blue <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(2:45)</span> (Submit)
  • I Got You (At the End of the Century) <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:57)</span> (Submit)
  • Monday <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(2:35)</span> (Submit)
  • Outtasite (Outta Mind) <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:13)</span> (Submit)
  • Sunken Treasure <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(2:59)</span> (Submit)
  • California Stars <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:59)</span> (Submit)
  • Hesitating Beauty <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:04)</span> (Submit)
  • A Shot in the Arm <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:20)</span> (Submit)
  • Can't Stand It <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:47)</span> (Submit)
  • She's a Jar <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:43)</span> (Submit)
  • I'm Always in Love <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:41)</span> (Submit)
  • How to Fight Lonliness <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:53)</span> (Submit)
  • Via Chicago <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(5:34)</span> (Submit)
  • Airline to Heaven <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(5:34)</span> (Submit)
  • I am Trying to Break Your Heart <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(6:58)</span> (Submit)
  • I'm the Man Who Loves You <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:56)</span> (Submit)
  • War on War <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:49)</span> (Submit)
  • Jesus, Etc. <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(2:45)</span> (Submit)
  • Ashes of American Flags <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:48)</span> (Submit)
  • Heavy Metal Drummer <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:09)</span> (Submit)
  • Hummingbird <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:12)</span> (Submit)
  • Theologians <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:37)</span> (Submit)
  • Handshake Drugs <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(6:24)</span> (Submit)
  • The Late Greats <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(2:31)</span> (Submit)
  • Hate It Here <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:33)</span> (Submit)
  • Impossible Germany <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(5:58)</span> (Submit)
  • Walken <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:28)</span> (Submit)
  • Wilco (The Song) <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:00)</span> (Submit)
  • You and I <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:25)</span> (Submit)
  • You Never Know <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:21)</span> (Submit)
  • I Might <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:58)</span> (Submit)
  • Born Alone <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(5:34)</span> (Submit)
  • Whole Love <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(5:34)</span> (Submit)
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