Wilco - Via Chicago guitar chord

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Via Chicago   by Wilco
Real easy one.. but what a great song.

It's  D  A   G   the whole song through

I dreamed about killing you again last night and it felt alright to me

I'm comin' home, I'm comin home, I'm comin' home via Chicago
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Author: Jeff Tweedy

Composer: ?

Publisher: Nonesuch Records Inc.


Released in: 1999

Language: English

Appearing on: Roadcase 046 (2015) , Roadcase 034 (2014) , Roadcase 040 (2014) , Roadcase 036 (2014) , Roadcase 045 (2014) , Roadcase 039 (2014) , Summerteeth (1999) , Kicking Television (2005)

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