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Vampire Weekend - White sky lyrics

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An ancient business
A modern piece of glasswork
Down on the corner that
You walk each day in passing
The elderly sales clerk
Won't eye us with suspicion
The whole, immortal corporation's given it's permission

The little stairway
A little piece of carpet
A pair of mirrors that
Are facing one another
Out in both directions
A thousand little Julias
That come together
In the middle of Manhattan

You waited since lunch
It all comes at once

Around the corner
The house that modern art built
I ask for modern art
To keep it out the closet
Of people who might own it
The sins of pride and envy
And on the second floor
The Richard Serra Skatepark

Waited since lunch
It all comes at once

Sit on the park wall
Ask all the right questions
Why are the horses
Racing taxis in the winter
Look up at the buildings
Imagine who might live there
Imagining your Wolfords
In a ball upon the sink there

You waited since lunch
It all comes at once
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Author: Ezra Koenig

Composer: ?

Publisher: Vampire Weekend


Released in: 2008

Language: English

Translations: Spanish , French

Appearing on: Contra (2010) , White Sky (2010)

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