The Tragically Hip

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38 Years Old (guitar tab)
38 Years Old (guitar chord)
Ahead By A Century (guitar tab)
Ahead By A Century (guitar chord)
Ahead By A Century (bass tab)
All Canadian Surf Club (guitar tab)
All Canadian Surf Club (guitar chord)
Another Midnight (guitar tab)
Another Midnight (guitar chord)
Blow At High Dough (guitar tab)
Bobcaygeon (guitar chord)
Boots Or Hearts (guitar tab)
Boots Or Hearts (guitar chord)
Bring It All Back (guitar tab)
Cemetary Sideroad (guitar tab)
Cemetary Sideroad (guitar chord)
Coconut Cream (guitar tab)
Cordelia (guitar tab)
Courage (guitar tab)
Courage (bass tab)
Courage Ver 2 (bass tab)
Darkest One (guitar tab)
Dire Wolf (guitar tab)
Evelyn (guitar tab)
Evelyn (guitar chord)
Every Time You Go (guitar tab)
Fiddlers Green (guitar tab)
Fiddlers Green (guitar chord)
Fifty Mission Cup (guitar tab)
Fight (guitar tab)
Fire In The Hole (guitar tab)
Fireworks (guitar tab)
Fireworks (guitar chord)
Fireworks Ver 2 (guitar chord)
Flamenco (guitar tab)
Flamenco (guitar chord)
Fully Completely (guitar tab)
Get Back Again (guitar tab)
Get Back Again (guitar chord)
Get Back Again Ver 2 (guitar chord)
Gift Shop (bass tab)
Grace Too (guitar tab)
Grace Too (bass tab)
Greasy Jungle (guitar tab)
Highway Girl (guitar tab)
Ill Believe In You (guitar tab)
Im A Werewolf Baby (guitar tab)
Im A Werewolf Baby (guitar chord)
Inch An Hour (guitar tab)
Inch An Hour (guitar chord)
Inevitability Of Death (guitar tab)
Killing Time (guitar tab)
Killing Time (guitar chord)
Killing Time Ver 2 (guitar chord)
Last American Exit (guitar tab)
Last American Exit (guitar chord)
Lionized (guitar tab)
Little Bones (guitar tab)
Little Bones (bass tab)
Locked In The Trunk (guitar tab)
Long Time Running (guitar tab)
Long Time Running (guitar chord)
Long Time Running (drum tab)
Music At Work (guitar tab)
Nautical Disaster (guitar tab)
Nautical Disaster (guitar chord)
New Orleans Is Sinking (guitar tab)
New Orleans Is Sinking (guitar chord)
Opiated (guitar tab)
Opiated (guitar chord)
Pigeon Camera (guitar tab)
Pigeon Camera (guitar chord)
Poets (guitar tab)
Poets (bass tab)
Poets Ver 2 (guitar tab)
Scared (guitar tab)
She Didnt Know (guitar tab)
Silver Road (guitar chord)
Smalltown Bringdown (guitar tab)
Smalltown Bringdown (guitar chord)
So Hard Done By (guitar tab)
Springtime In Vienna (guitar tab)
Springtime In Vienna (guitar chord)
The Dark Canuck (guitar chord)
Thirty Eight Years Old (guitar chord)
Three Pistols (guitar tab)
Three Pistols (guitar chord)
Thugs (guitar tab)
Thugs (guitar chord)
Thugs (bass tab)
Trickle Down (guitar tab)
Trickle Down (guitar chord)
Twist My Arm (guitar tab)
Twist My Arm (bass tab)
Wheat Kings (guitar tab)
Wheat Kings (guitar chord)
Yawning Or Snarling (bass tab)