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A Casual Affair (guitar chord)
Blue Cafe (guitar tab)
Boy Who Cried Wolf (guitar tab)
Boy Who Cried Wolf (guitar chord)
Come To Milton Keynes (guitar chord)
Heres One That Got Away (guitar chord)
Homebreakers (guitar tab)
Iwasadoledadstoyboy (guitar chord)
Lodgers (guitar chord)
Long Hot Summer (guitar chord)
Luck (guitar chord)
My Ever Changing Moods (guitar tab)
My Ever Changing Moods (guitar chord)
Party Chambers (guitar chord)
Shout to the top (Dutch translation)
Speak Like A Child (guitar chord)
Stones Throw Away (guitar chord)
Story Of Someones Shoe (guitar chord)
Strength Of Your Nature (guitar chord)
The Big Boss Groove (guitar chord)
The Paris Match (guitar tab)
The Paris Match (guitar chord)
The Whole Point (guitar tab)
The Whole Point (guitar chord)
Youre The Best Thing (guitar chord)