The Get Up Kids

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Action & Action (guitar tab)
Action & Action (bass tab)
Action And Action (bass tab)
Better Half (guitar tab)
C (guitar tab)
Dont Hate Me (guitar tab)
Fall Semester (guitar tab)
Hannah Hold On (guitar tab)
Holiday (guitar tab)
Holiday (bass tab)
I'll Catch You (guitar tab)
Ill Catch You (bass tab)
Mass Pike (guitar tab)
Most Depressing Song (guitar tab)
Off The Wagon (bass tab)
Out Of Reach (guitar tab)
Out Of Reach (guitar chord)
Out Of Reach Ver 2 (guitar tab)
Out Of Reach Ver 3 (guitar tab)
Out Of Reach Ver 4 (guitar tab)
Out Of Reach Ver 5 (guitar tab)
Overcome (guitar tab)
Overdue (guitar tab)
Overdue (bass tab)
Overdue Ver 2 (guitar tab)
Overdue Ver 3 (guitar tab)
Red Letter Day (guitar tab)
Shorty (guitar tab)
Shorty (bass tab)
Shorty Ver 2 (bass tab)
Ten Minutes (guitar tab)
The Most Depressing Song (guitar chord)
Up On The Roof (guitar chord)
Valentine (guitar tab)
Valentine (bass tab)
Woodson (bass tab)