Sum 41

Sum 41 - Chuck

Sum 41 - Chuck

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Published by: Island Records

Published in: 2004

Release type: Full CD

About this Album:

this is a punk album.its got 13 tracks on it:


2.No Reason

3.We're All To Blame

4.Angels With Dirty Faces

5.Some Say

6.The Bitter End

7.Open Your Eyes

8.Slipping Away

9.I'm not the One

10.Welcome to Hell


12.There's No Solution


Sum 41 is:

Biz-Vocals, Guitar, Pianno, Keyboards and Mellotron

Cone McCaslin-Bass


Dave Brownsound-Slaybial destrution

this is a good songs are a bit slower than the traditional sum 41 but it just makes it better..shows that its ok to change a bit

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