Stromae, whose real name is Paul Van Haver was born March 12, 1985 in Brussels (Belgium) a Rwandan father and a Belgian mother. He took his first lessons in music theory at the age of eleven and quickly developed a passion for composition. He invents his nickname by reversing the syllables of the word maestro and began the report in 2003 by forming a duet with rapper JEDI The duo recorded a few tracks before separating. Stromae starts when solo. In 2007, he recorded an EP 4 tracks, which allows him to get noticed on the music scene and opens the door to professionalism. He composed some tracks for artists like Anggun, Kery James or Melissa M. In 2009, Stromae out the song "So They Dance" that is experiencing tremendous success in Germany, Belgium and France. This success allows Stromae to launch his career and especially to record his first album released in 2010. His music, a blend of hip-hop and electro, attracted a large audience and the charisma of the character does the rest.

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Friday 30th of December 2011 16:06

Bonjour à tous,

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Thursday 4th of August 2011 17:30

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