Sophia Avocado

Sophia Avocado is 11-years old from Livingston County Michigan who received her first guitar for Christmas when she was 8 and learned to play cover songs quickly by ear. After a few guitar lessons and adding her unique vocal style she started writing her own music by age 9 and created her own rendition to several cover tunes taking her audiences back in time to the 1930’s like George Gershwin’s “Summertime” and rock classics like Dobie Grey’s “Drift Away.” Next to her passion for music, she is an amazing artist that loves to paint on canvass and create drawings-sketches. She reads a lot of books and enjoys organic gardening and plans to open an organic restaurant one day that will have an area for kids to play music. She is 10 years post Kawasaki Disease that threatened her life as an infant and she partnered with the Kawasaki Kids Foundation in Colorado to help spread awareness about the rare disease and donate proceeds.

Her EP "Stories" will release on July 15, 2016 with pre-order available on iTunes and Amazon.

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