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Beyond Planet Earth (guitar tab)
Busy Doing Nothing (guitar tab)
Civilized Man (bass tab)
Civilized Man Ver 2 (bass tab)
Don't Walk Away (bass tab)
Empathy (guitar tab)
Hands Of Time (guitar tab)
Hated To Love (guitar tab)
Helpless (guitar tab)
Here We Go (bass tab)
Here We Go Ver 2 (bass tab)
Here We Go Ver 3 (bass tab)
I Am A Rock (guitar tab)
In The Van Again (guitar tab)
Killer Of My Dreams (guitar tab)
Not Just Package (guitar tab)
Photographs Lies (guitar tab)
Public Eye (guitar tab)
Revealed In Reflection (guitar tab)
Saranagati (guitar tab)
Spirits Blinded (guitar tab)
The Greater Plan (guitar tab)
The News (guitar tab)
The Value (guitar tab)
True North (guitar tab)