Samantha Moore

Samantha Jo Moore (born December 28, 1988) is a Canadian singer and songwriter whose songs have been recorded and re-cut by Miley Cyrus (“East Northumberland High” from "Meet Miley Cyrus"), as well as up and coming artists, including Diana DeGarmo (“Then I Woke Up”, “The Difference In Me”, “‘Till You Want Me”, “Boy Like You”, from "Blue Skies"), and The Clique Girlz (“Then I Woke Up”, “The Difference In Me”, from "Incredible" and the EP "Clique Girlz") and co-wrote “Falling Down Your Stare” from Hope 7's self-titled debut album. Additionally, Spanish Pop band, Nikki Clan did a cover of “A Boy Like You” and “The Difference In Me” for their debut album, “No Sera Igual”.

source: Wikipedia

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