Randy William

It was early June 1963 when a crowded room was filled with people I could entertain with my guitar and my songs that I wrote myself. Then those were dreams. Yet not much later they were turned into reality. I started participating in talent shows and festivals. Many of these were won. Because of this I was asked by several pubs for a performance. At that time I decided to start my own band with the name: the Randy William Formation.

This name originated in the sixties when the English names were very popular. In real life my name is Reinder Willem, but that doesn't look so good, so I started thinking about a tough name and I came up with the idea of ​​Randy William. From that moment on, that name has always gone with me in all the musical things that I have done so far.

So I have been working as a musician for over 40 years now. A milestone, and all in all a time that has flown by and of which I am quite proud. And you see that the audience just grows with you. There are whole families for whom I play all parties and where it becomes a tradition that I play for them. Whether it is a day wedding, a Sara or Abraham birthday, or whether it is a bronze, silver or gold wedding, you will see your old guests again every so often. And that is very nice, I can tell you. I hope to meet you at one of these parties.

Source: Wim van Spronsen

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