Rachid Taha

Rachid Taha - Wesh (n'amal) English translation

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What to do

Every day
Each day I watch the days
Every night
I wait for the nights
Every night I wait for a sign
Every morning
I ask a question
How does the world work
What world are we living in
What to do, what's been done
She's forgotten me, forgotten me
What to do, what do I do
She's gone, abandoned me
My heart remains pure
And yet she has abandoned me
Who am I?
Am I bad
Am I different
Am I Arab
Am I European
Am I Indian
Am I black
What to do, what has been accomplished
She has gone and abandoned me
What can I do, what's been done
My heart has stayed pure
But, but
I've got to get it over with
This is a tough day
I've never had one like it
In all my life...
This day is a day on strike
What to do, what do I do
Life has forsaken me
Although my heart remains pure
She has forgotten me, abandoned me...
What to do, what could I do
I drift with the stars
What to do, what do I do
I travel with my beloved...

Wesh (n'amal)

Koul ayyam 
Koul ayyam 

Antadhirou el ayyam
Antadhirou el ayyam
Koul layali antadhirou layali
Koul layali entadhirou chawam
Koul sabah atrahou sou'al
Kayfa yassirou el âlam
Kayfa yassirou el aâlam
Wesh naâmal, wesh maâmoul
Ensat ensatni
Wesh naâmal wesh maâmoul
Emchate ou khalatni
Qalbi dayem çafi
Ensatni ou khalatni
Men ana
Hal ana qbih
Hal ana moukhtalif
Hal ana aârabi
Hal ana ouroubi
Hal ana hindi
Hal ana aswad
Wesh na'mal wesh ma'moul
Mchate ou khlatni
Wesh naâmal wesh ma'moul
Qalbi daymen çafi
Lakin lakin
Wadjibi afraq el azbal
Hada el youm sa'b
Ma lahou mithl fi hayati
Hada el youm youm idhrab
Wesh naâmal wesh maâmoul
Denia mchate ou khalatni
Qalbi dayem çafi
Ensatni ou khalatni
Wesh na'mal wesh ma'moul
Denya mchat ou khalatni
Wesh na'mal wesh ma'moul
Ensafar mm'a noudjoum
Wesh na'mal wesh ma'moul
Ensafar m'a habibi
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Author: Rachid Taha

Composer: Justin Adams, Rachid Taha

Publisher: Naïve


Released in: 2013

Language: Arabic

Translations: English , French

Appearing on: Zoom (2013)

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