Quarashi - Straight Jacket lyrics

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How many trips to the hospital does it take it?

This is from the doctor to tell me it's okay.

You're not dying kid, you need to stop breathing so heavily. 

Although anxiety, it's sex on a factual melody. 

Apologies assume closest to those who had to deal with. 

Me when I think I'm dying & going completely hysterics. 

So after her weekend of freaking out at the clinic.

A psychiatrist diagnosed me with paranoid-schizophrenic. 

He prescribed me medication & he told me "Take this twice a day".

Pills to set my mind straight seems like a small price to pay. 

But that's life today & it feels like I'm rebelled. 

All idle but i dont ask it back at their workshop of the devil. 

I paid my dues in this game & now I got to consult.

Somebody else so I stop from going out of control. 

So don't score me cause you don't know where I've been. 

Or what category I've haunted too, so let the story begin. 

[Chorus] x 4 

I've got a straight jacket on I've gotta get it out.

I've gotta take the control, I'm taking over now. 

Ah, Yo!

So how many prescriptions & pills to calm me down. 

Would you just listen just once.

My mothers stressed to pay your crowns. 

How many dispair moments, how many pointless affairs. 

I ain't got chance for you now, just bad companies here. 

How many sleepless nights in all the fuss to keep you from the floor. 

To a little deeper talk of places I was in before.

And I think I seen the way out, still I worry all the time. 

But it might play out, the way I said it would in my rhymes. 

And I'm tired of learning lessons how can I quit these forces. 

Apply your methods in me & all your diagnosis. 

Cause I keep falling a little further but straight. 

And it's tough to be alone & deserted these days. 

[Chorus] x 4 

I've got a straight jacket on I've gotta get it out 

I've gotta take the control, I'm taking over now 

I walk around in frustration, lays me down & then sit.

I'm lying face down in space, fuck out of my wits.

How hard can it get still I'm reluctant to try. 

I watch the seasons change while time keeps passing me by. 

I got these changes on my brain going out of this world (And Why?) 

Got a straight jacket on but time keeps passing me by.

Do I breathe in or breathe out, cause I'm so heavy inside. 

But I try to keep going but time keeps passing me by. 

[Chorus] x 4 

I've got a straight jacket on I've gotta get it out 

I've gotta take the control, I'm taking over now
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