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Paris Hilton - Come Up And Try My New Parts lyrics

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I want a hit of Z... and we're not talking for free
A game of give and take, baby I'll give till I break
But I ain't nobodys fool, this bitch knows the rules
I'll let you f*ck my soul for a hit of that glow

So come on, climb on, man up
Come up and try my new parts, go on and break em in
We both know what we want, so come up and try my new parts

Anyway you want
You know you wanna take me
What's the matter Graverobber?
Take me! I can take it baby
Don't care where you put it, why don't you surprise me?
Come on work me
You know you like it naughty
So naughty boy take me!
And I ain't askin...

Come up and try my new parts
Go on and break em in
Before I change my heart
Shutup and try my new parts!
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