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Paris Hilton - Bye bye baby lyrics

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Never give up
That's what my mama told me
Take another chance
Would be right thing for me now
I get the feeling that maybe my mind could have been wrong

I'm learning things about you
I've learned to be without you now
I get the feeling that maybe it's time for me to move on

I wasn't lonely before I met you
Now you make me feel like I don't know what to do
Things are gonna change
And there's something that I've got to say to you

Bye bye baby
You've got to understand
You're acting like a boy but I'm looking for a man
Bye bye honey
You've got to make me see
You say you're gonna try but it's not enoough for me
I hope you get the message
I'm gonna tell you bye bye boy

You say you're gonna try
You do it again
Can't tell the truth from lies now
I get the feeling that you're playing the game and just leading me on

Maybe I'm wrong
Could be mistaken boy I've
Gotta move on
Cause I know my heart is breaking now
I get the feeling that time has come 
to make me number one
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