Nevada Tan

Panik is a German rock band consisting of two members from Neum√ľnster that was established in Hamburg in 2007 under the name Nevada Tan. Nevada Tan consisted of six members: David Bonk (guitar, vocals), Timo "T:Mo" Sonnenschein (rap/vocals), Christian Linke (bass guitar), Frank "Franky" Ziegler (vocals), Jan Werner (DJ), and Juri Schewe (drums). In 2008, after a break with management, Panik was created consisting of David Bonk, Timo Sonnenschein, Christian Linke, Frank "Franky" Ziegler, Jan Werner, and Juri Schewe. As of November 2009, this band was dissolved to create a two-member band also called Panik. Members David Bonk and Timo Sonnenschein, as well as former members Jan Werner and Max B√∂hlen (drums), also made music from 2002-2007 in another band called Pan!k.

source: Wikipedia

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