Nadel Paris

Everyday, Nadel Paris would come home from school, and she would turn her music on, and start listening to the top divas of the world. From Aretha Franklin to Janis Joplin; and learning showmanship by watching stars such as Tina Turner on YouTube, and checking out Madonna’s dance routines.

Soon listening was not enough for her. She took on the delicate task of belting out the high-pitched melodies and lost herself in very accurate imitations of pop, rock n’ roll, R&B and even blues music. Born in France, Nadel’ s sharp ear allowed her quickly, to imitate the American accent, and although she loves to use her self-deprecating sense of humor branding herself as a cross over between Pepe-Le-Pew and Edith Piaf, she eventually lost the accent when she sings.

Albeit, she is to this day, working on her very clear French-flavored American English, she figured out that the accent may actually be an asset.

Nadel Paris is a natural performer and when she was twelve, got a record deal with EMI France. A natural-born emulator, she took on different instruments and started playing each of them almost immediately, without any formal training.

An actor, as well as a published author, and screenwriter, Nadel Paris, loves to envision what’s next in her life. She likes to design her own path and enjoys describing what she works on as: “Hey, whatever happens, it’s gonna be fun!” That calls usually for some crazy, daring moves.

Her EP of remixes for her Ooh La La La La song was just released. According to the DJs who remixed the track, we are getting great reactions already. So, I have high hopes of reaching a large audience. Her voice always has that sexy quality. Whether she sings or talks.

Nadel Paris is a Tony Robbins graduate and was geared in that direction by her father, a psychotherapist who always taught her multiple aspects of personal growth and self-confidence. An animal and children activist, Nadel believes in giving back. She wants to empower other people and strives to produce other artists and open doors for them. She feels it’s a win-win situation to discover talent.

It feels outstanding to empower other people, she insists. You do something good and then they can later give back too, she adds.

Nadel Paris has some very strong adjectives to qualify herself. She declares herself to be extremely passionate with everything she does. “I invest myself one billion percent always, in anything I take on. l am a very intense person.”

Asked about her mom, you get a sense of why she looks the way she does.

Her mother was a Christian Dior model that wouldspend endless hours talking to Nadel about fashion and movies and instilled in Nadel the love of researching and learning about new things. She said her mother often felt, because of her looks, that others may not perceive her as being smart or educated based on her looks. Thus she instilled in Nadel the need for a well rounded education to help empower herself. Nadel studied how to write a good novel as well as screenplays, and realized that such knowledge also allows her to write better lyrics. The Lyrics on her new single are written by Nadel.

Nadel is known for her quirky sense of humor. Her smart,wicked and sarcastic tweets and posts have continued to explode her numbers on social media. Currently she has over 470,000 followers on Twitter. While she knows it’s part of the territory, Nadel deals with numerous ogling male fan comments and while she may not always like to read or respond to those types of comments she hopes that eventually even the oglers will recognize her for her music, authorship and production skills.

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