Misery Index

Members: Jason Netherton, Sparky Voyles, Mark Kloeppel, Adam Jarvis

Active: 2001 - Present


Misery Index is a deathgrind band formed in 2001 in Baltimore, Maryland, United States, by Jason Netherton (bass, vocals), Mike Harrison (guitar, vocals) and Kevin Talley (drums). The band is named after Ass?ck's last album of the same name (1996). As of 2006, its line-up consists of Jason Netherton (bass, vocals), Sparky Voyles (guitar), Mark Kloeppel (guitar, vocals) and Adam Jarvis (drums).

Misery Index's music is best described as death metal with strong hardcore punk and grindcore influences. Their vein of music is often said to resemble their fellow Maryland death metal outfit Dying Fetus, as Netherton, Voyles and ex-drummer Talley are all former members of the band. Misery Index's lyrical subject matter is quite left-wing, often coinciding with anarcho-punk aesthetic and focusing mostly on the ills of modern society. Their band name is derived from the economic indicator of the same name.

The band runs its own record label, Anarchos Records, on which it has released a few EP's. They signed to Relapse Records in January, 2006, and released their sophomore album entitled Discordia in May of 2006.


2003 - Retaliate

2006 - Discordia


2001 - Overthrow

2002 - Split w/ Commit Suicide

2003 - Split w/ Structure Of Lies

2004 - Dissent

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