Marilia Adamaki

Marilia Adamaki is a left-handed Singer-Songwriter,Violinist who was born in 1996(age 22) .She's a self-taught Singer,Violinist and Keyboardist.She is writing and recording songs with her twin sister Georgia Adamaki,who is also a self-taught Composer,Orchestrator and Guitarist.Marilia writes the lyrics in all of her songs and Georgia the music.

She started writing lyrics at the age of 14.She used to write lyrics at school,both in class and at recess.Most of her songs are about being a victim of bullying,while others refer to topics such as depression, bad mood in general,people's hypocrisy and jealousy,fake friendships,and reality.She taught herself violin at 17 and she also taught herself keyboards at 19.She always wanted to be a singer and loves singing.She's a self-taught vocalist and sings alto,while she can hit mezzo-soprano mostly and a few contralto notes too.

She released her first self-titled album on 12 May 2018 by 862304 Records DK as a digital release and is available in many music platforms online.Except from the vocals,she also sings backing vocals in her recordings,played the violin and drew the album's artwork.While her sister,except from music compositions and orchestrations played the guitar and directed the music videos.The album contains 11 songs,all extremely original,real and probably anti-commercial.

Her music can be described as Gothic Rock with a variety of instruments like overdrive guitars,acoustic guitar,violin,keyboards,piano,organ,viola,synthesizer,bass and drums.Many of those instruments are coming from a keyboard.Her voice can be characterized as soft,crystal clear,melodic and operatic.But at the same time loud,dynamic and gothic rock.With a wide vocal range with many octaves.She also has british accent and a very unique voice.She sings melancholically,from soft to loud.Her lyrics are also honest,introverted,well-written,meaningful and full of rimes.The music of her songs,besides Marilia's big voice and sad violin,showcases Georgia's extraordinary musical talent as a gifted composer and unique musician-guitarist.They have recently started playing their music live.

Her sister is directing the music videos for all of her songs.Most of them are taking place in forests and parks and rarely indoors showing Marilia playing the violin,or outdoors at the sea.They always have a theatrical vibe and could be movies.Combining singing and theater in one and even dancing.She is currently working for her next album,which is going to be more rock,considering the three new songs she has released.And even more pessimistic than the previous one.

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