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Louis Armstrong - When you're smiling Dutch translation lyrics

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Als je lacht

Als je lacht
als je lacht
lacht de hele wereld met je, liefste
Ja wanneer je lacht
wanneer je lacht
dan breekt de zon door

Maar wanneer je huilt
dan doe je het regenen
Zo stop je zuchten mijn liefste
en wees weer gelukkig
Ja en blijf glimlachen
blijf glimlachen
en de hele wereld lacht met je mee

When you're smiling

Ooh, when you're smilin'....
when you're smilin'....
The whole world smiles with you baby
Yes, when you're laughin'....
when you're laughin'....
The sun comes shinin' through

But when you're cryin'....
you bring on the rain
So stop your sighin' baby....
and be happy again
Yes and keep on smilin'....
keep on smilin'....
And the whole world smiles with you.
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Author: Joe Goodwin, Larry Shay, Mark Fisher (3)

Composer: ?

Publisher: Music Collection International


Released in: 1959

Language: English

Translations: Spanish , Dutch

Appearing on: Greatest Hits (2018) (2018) , The Best Of (2012) , Complete History: Mahogany Hall Stomp (2006) , Dolcemente Louis , The Very Best Of Louis Armstrong (1999) , 28 Great Jazz Performances (1992) , Butter And Eggman (2002) , The California Concerts (1992) , All Time Greatest Hits (1994)

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