Lords Of Acid

Lords of Acid is a Belgian-American post-industrial/techno band, led by musician Praga Khan. They debuted with the controversial new beat single "I Sit on Acid" in 1988. Created by Jade 4U, Praga Khan and Olivier Adams; their debut album, 1991's Lust (along with additional singles "Rough Sex" and "I Must Increase My Bust"), were critically acclaimed within the electronic music and dance music communities for their outrageously sexual lyrics and sound samples. Their second album was Voodoo-U, which featured a more industrial sound. This was followed by Our Little Secret (1997), Heaven Is an Orgasm (1998) and Expand Your Head (1999). In 2000 they released a more rock-influenced album entitled Farstucker and in 2003, after being in the business for fifteen years, released a greatest hits album called Greatest T*ts.

source: Wikipedia

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Sunday 17th of June 2007 17:03

gewoon de beste groep allertijden. Dat zegt genoeg 😁


Monday 27th of October 2003 11:34


Deborah'ke is echt mijn favorietje van heel den vlaamsche showbizz. Lords of Acid rulzzzzzzz, en na de zomer krijgen we Deborah elke week terug op VT4 me de mediamadammen. mmmmmmmmmm kijk al uit

en debhora is een lekker ding

Wim De Baere

Friday 11th of October 2002 22:55

gewoon fucking goeie muziek. Je komt echt in de 'mood' als je er naar luistert.
misbehave you!!

Praize the lords, f*ck the rest

dat is genoeg zeker 😯)