Liyah Bey

Liyah Bey (short bio: November 2017)

Liyah Bey is an L.A. based singer-songwriter known for blending her love of classic R&B with

modern pop aesthetics to create powerful settings for her extraordinary vocal chops. Born-and-

raised in Israel, Liyah was encouraged to nurture her natural talent by her mother from a very

young age and began writing at the age of 17. Liyah was obsessed with American musical artists

and drew inspiration from Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Carol King, Prince, and

Michael Jackson.

“For me, it’s all about emotional resiliency in the face of everything life throws at us,” Liyah said

about her music. “And sometimes, it’s just about having fun and wanting to dance.” She rose to

national prominence as a teen during her extraordinary 2-year run in celebrated review, “Lady

Soul, A Tribute to Aretha Franklin.” Following the success of her Lady Soul performances, Liyah

knew it was time to leave her home behind and go straight to the source.

In New York, Liyah found herself being embraced by many generations of artists, recording in

the Sony Studios with Kool and the Gang and even stepping in for Lauryn Hill to perform

onstage with the Fugees. Liyah was determined to follow her own path and decided it was time

to focus on her writing. Excited by the musical scene in Los Angeles, she relocated to the west

coast where she worked feverishly to hone her already seasoned songwriting.

Her first single, “Can’t Stop Loving You,” a heartbreaking ballad showcasing Liyah’s expressive

vocal power and fluid emotional range has, in short order, has garnered 600,000 likes on

Facebook and has primed her rapidly expanding fan base for what is to come: the fierce, playful,

neo-soul-pop of “Million Dollar Girl.”

Liyah is currently preparing an album for release in 2018

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