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Published by: Sony

Published in: 1994

Release type: Full CD

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Korn-life is peachy korns second album with 12 tracks and hits including A.D.I.D.A.S. and many others

Ok now heres my personal opinions of the album. This album is very average the first album was much better than this one, A.D.I.D.A.S. is a gr8s song but i think that the best track on this album is Mr. Roggers track 7 this song culminates everything about a good rock song its easy to play and the lyrics make more and more sence the more you listen to then it is very simaler to the rest of the album in that way. In this album you can see how the band starts out new again. the way i usually see music is on the first album you have all the songs you?ve been cherishing and growinging with for years but on your second album you see the bands emotions in a more raw state and i encourage anyone to check out this album even tho its not one of korns gr8s.


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Sunday 16th of May 2004 02:06

12 tracks of raw 7 string heavy metal with thoughtful lyrics and emotions conveyed from every instrument in every song. The CD is over an hour of music. This is KoRn's first album from 1994.

I love it. Every track can be headbanged with and sang along with. The music and lyrics are fresh and creative. Blind is classic, Ball Tongue is amazingly original, Faget and Daddy are very emotional tracks, and the two voices argueing 12 or 13 minutes into Daddy are sure to remind you of people you know. This is a wicked awesome album well worth getting.