Mixing trap beats with multi-genre influences, King Omega is Bermuda's undefeated freestyle champ, and after spending 3 years building his portfolio, this actor/rapper/model has developed a stand out sound that he's proud to bring to 2018. From time as a prostitute, a teacher at 16, a drug dealer, being labeled a devil worshiper, and relocating multiple times in his teen years, there's more to this humble soul than meets the eye.

Attached are 3 songs that I'm currently pushing for free in order to build a following, as well as my social media. My goal is to become the first Bermudian rap/trap artist to penetrate the global market place, and the start 2018's trap expansion movement. Any help, feedback, repost's, critisism, or general exposure is appreciated. (drops at 0:25) (drops at 0:11) (drop at 0:20)



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