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Johnny Cash - What Do I Care lyrics

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When I'm all through if I haven't been what they think I should be 

If the total isn't high enough when they figure me 

When I grow old if there's no gray from worry in my hair 

What do I care what do I care 

What do I care just as long as you were mine a little while 

When the road was long and weary you gave me a few good mile 

What do I care if I miss a goal because I make a slip 

I'll still be satisfied because I tasted your sweet lips 

What do I care if I never have much money 

And sometimes my table looks a little bare 

Anything that I may miss is made up for each time we kiss 

You love me and I love you so what do I care 

[ guitar ] 

What do I care just as long...
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

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Language: English

Appearing on: Ring of Fire - The Best of Johnny Cash (1969)

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