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Ian Moore - Satisfied guitar chord

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Satisfied- Ian Moore

chords used:
E: 022xxx
B: x244xx
A: x022xx

      E            G#    C#                F#
If I fell at your feet, would you ever notice me?

       B              A            E
Hey baby or would you just pass me by.

         E                           G#
If I were hurting in the deep of the night,

         C#                        F#
would you come and make everything right?

        B                  A         E
Hey baby or would I have to ask you why?


            B                         E
Let me in momma and I'll take it real slow.

            B                         E
I'll show you things if you just let go.

               B                          C#
I'll give you my money, I'll give you my time

              E5         C#         A
I'll give you anything to make you mine.

     E             B            A
And all I want is to keep you Satisfied.


repeat chorus

I found the chords for this tab and put them with the words to this song and it sounds pretty close if there are any mistakes
let me know. Also I am looking for his Paris,Texas guitar tab if
anyone knows email it to me at dnance77@hotmail.com
Get this song at:


Author: Ian Moore

Composer: ?

Publisher: Capricorn Records


Released in: 1993

Language: English

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